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NO. 1 In Kuwait

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about SMSBox

Bulk SMS service provider in Kuwait (Bulk SMS Marketing, Gateway (APIs), ZAIN Ad-Zone and Web App) SMS Box. read more

+400 Million Messages

+2000 Customers

+1500 Sender ID

70000 working hours 8 years

158 AdZone Area

+12 Available Categories

Service Providers

Authorized Distributor to Zain, Ooredoo and Viva. Direct Connection with the operators who provide the service.


our services


Send BulkSMS messages directly from interactive website. Now you can create and manage your phonebook in easy way read more

Target new customers based on certain locations You can send your advertisement to 158 areas all over Kuwait through Zain network towers. read more


Targeting new customers by choosing the appropriate category of different classifications. By nationality, gender and language. read more

SMSBOX provides (APIs) for developers to integrate different applications with SMSBOX services. We support HTTP, SMPP, Soap protocols. read more



we offer flexible options for prices

Recharge Voucher 100

1.55 KWD
  • Points Count 100
  • 15.5 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 500

7.25 KWD
  • Points Count 500
  • 14.5 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 1000

13 KWD
  • Points Count 1000
  • 13 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 5000

57.5 KWD
  • Points Count 5000
  • 11.5 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 10,000

100 KWD
  • Points Count 10,000
  • 10 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 50,000

475 KWD
  • Points Count 50,000
  • 9.5 fls/Point

Recharge Voucher 100,000

900 KWD
  • Points Count 100,000
  • 9 fls/Point

More than

Call for price
  • More than 100,000
  • * fls/Point

payment methods

For the convenience of our customers, we have provided a lot of means of purchase and payment methods, like KNet card and bank transfer and direct purchase read more

Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?
Why choose Us?

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AddressOffice no. 7 - 4th floor, Wafra Down Town Tower, Ahmed AL Gaber st.,Kuwait.