Does your company need to use bulk SMS in Kuwait ?

bulk SMS in Kuwait

While SMS communication among people is not comparable to that of social networking and chatting platforms, the use of bulk SMS in Kuwait for companies to market their products and services and stay in touch with their customers is imperative. This is due to what distinguishes the bulk SMS in Kuwait over the other marketing tools, which will be the subject of our article today.

Advantages of using bulk SMS in Kuwait for your company

High Opening Rate

Unlike other social networking, chat and email applications, bulk SMS in Kuwait is characterized by a high rate of penetration because of its low presence on the phone.

For instance, you may subscribe to hundreds or even thousands of email newsletters, which means hundreds of e-mail messages a day that you do not have time to read. Unlike text messages that do not reach up to fifty SMS per day, making them more unique, with more than 99% of opening rate, which means that it is a guaranteed communication tool, because of customer confidence in the links and call-to-actions he receives by SMS more than any other services, which means they will sign-up at your site if you want or will do Whatever you want them to do immediately.

Compatibility with all phones

Since the first SMS was sent in 1992, no phone has not been able to receive and send text messages to this time, no matter how kind or intelligence or price is it, which means that all phones without exception will be able to receive your message, in addition to that, there is no need for a fixed connection to the Internet to be able to receive the SMS, unlike other social networking or chat applications.

This will give you access to all possible customers wherever they are, their categories, the type of phone they use and with or without an Internet connection, which will expand the segment of potential customers as well.

Determining the date of sending

You can specify when to send bulk SMS in Kuwait at the time you want to ensure that messages reach customers when they are available and according to each country and region. While ensuring that with the correct sending date, customers will open SMS messages within three minutes of sending them, according to a statistic conducted by Impige Mobile Strategy in 2011, where 90% of users open messages within three minutes of receiving them, which means that this will be the best way to communicate in case of sending newsletters or limited time offers and other situations.

SMSBox also allows you to schedule your bulk SMS in Kuwait to be sent whenever you want without having to be in front of the screen or using the platform at the time of sending.

Effectiveness and low cost

Two of the most common features of bulk SMS in Kuwait compared to the other paid means used to reach targeted customers are their low cost and high efficiency. You do not pay for the service but for the number of messages you want. Unlike other services where you pay money for presence and time Without knowing how many customers your messages reach like outdoor ads.

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Gain customer confidence

According to a survey conducted by Marketing Cloud in 2014, 64% of customers think that businesses should use bulk SMS more than any other means of communicating with them and notifying them with offers, products and services. 70% of customers also see bulk SMS as the best way to get their attention Compared to other means of communication.

77% of customers also have a better impression of companies using short marketing messages than the others using other free services, according to the One Reach report in 2014, where text messages, although costing less than other means, give them the impression that they are dealing with a company and not just a hobby group using free means to communicate with their customers.


Despite the evolution of mobile phones and communications, bulk SMS in Kuwait is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach customers at the time you want, whatever the devices they use are, and without having to have a permanent Internet connection so they can receive your messages.

SMSBox provides you with all the features mentioned above and more with an easy-to-use platform and dashboard that will enable you to reach customers anytime, anywhere around the world with easy and widespread payment methods, feel free to request your bulk SMS in Kuwait now!

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