While SMS communication between people is not comparable to that of social networking and messaging platforms, the use of bulk SMS marketing for companies is necessary to promote their products and services and keep communication with their customers.

To ensure the success of your marketing campaign, SMSBOX offers you many advantages that you will get when subscribing with us. As the website is considered one of top sites for sending bulk SMS marketing campaigns in Kuwait.


SMSBOX Advantages for Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns

Free Trial Account

Get a free account in SMSBOX and try out multiple messaging solutions to ensure the power of tools, quality of service and ease of use.

A unified account for all products and services

You can use all SMSBOX services with the same account you have activated and also, you can use APIs in the same way without having to register again.

Different ways to use bulk SMS

Our client can choose now the appropriate way of communication at any time and from anywhere. They have the option to use our web application or using the service through our APIs.

Using Latest Technologies

The integrated visualization of all the messaging requirements and using latest technologies in SMSBOX development process, has produced extensive capabilities of the system to help meet all different needs for the users, which makes sending messages and account management process, flexible and easy to use.

Ensure Message Delivery

We aim to provide a bulk SMS marketing service in a way that guarantees the customer that his messages will be delivered to his recipients at the specified time. Since the main value of this way lies in the speed of communication with the recipients. Therefore, we rely on local sending portals to achieve this goal.

Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy is subject to our marketing policy, as we are looking to serve a large segment of customers locally and internationally, which has a great impact on providing the best prices to our customers.

Payment Methods

For your convenience, we have provided many payment methods so you can choose what suits you. You can pay by credit card, K-net, bank transfer as well as payment by check or cash.

Customer service and technical support

There are many ways to communicate with our customer service team, technical support and sales team. Such as phone calls, instant chat with our staff, technical support tickets or via e-mail.

And finally

Despite the evolution of mobile phones and communications ways, Bulk SMS Marketing still one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach customers at any time, without the need for a permanent Internet connection to receive your messages. Through this way, you will gain your customers’ trust and leave a good impression for them.

Do not hesitate and ask for our packages for bulk SMS marketing.


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