Bulk SMS is used as a marketing tool by business owners as it is considered a practical inexpensive tool, in addition to being effective.

If you are one of the users of this service or if you want to use it for your business, you may ask how can I use this service to maximize my profits, or what should I text my customers?

Promotions, discounts and coupons

Promotions and discounts are the best thing to send to your customers via SMS as it is usually read. Use BulkSMS marketing if you have a special discount that you want a group of your customers to know, make them feel important by sending coupons to the subscribers to your messaging service only, by this way you give them an incentive to keep subscribing, and may be encouraging others to subscribe too.

Keep in touch with your customers

You can also use bulk SMS to keep your audience aware of your latest news, stay in touch with them and tell them about any changes or updates related to your products or services.

Get your customers feedback

People feel important when they are asked about their opinion in something, ask your customers to give their feedback about your products using SMS, try to get a rate for what they buy or use from your products and services, so they feel their opinion is important for you and at the same time you can improve your products to satisfy their needs.

Integrate it with other marketing tools

BulkSMS is one of the marketing tools, so your marketing campaigns shouldn’t be discrete, you can advertise for a new product for example using social media then send an SMS to ensure the ad reached your customers, or you can send an email with important links on your website then after a short while send an SMS with the most important ones.

Appointments, notifications and reminders

Finally, the best way to remind your customers with something is via mobile phones as people usually check their mobiles more than once in a day, and if your work requires scheduling appointments with customers or even with employees, you can always consider reminding them about these meetings using SMS.

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