Before you send SMS online , there are some precautions ions you should take to ensure giving the highest value to your customer and gaining the best profit for your company.

Corporate SMS is one of the most important tools and weapons that can be used to reach customers and employees and even reach out to more potential customers through SMS marketing services.

Although it seems easy, which is really true, however, you should take some precautions when you send SMS Online for companies to ensure that you take the full advantage of SMS services and to carry out your marketing campaigns via SMS as effectively as possible.

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What you should and should not do when you send SMS online

SMS Best Practices

In the following lines, I'll show you a set of easy-to-do precautions to make successful marketing campaigns when you send SMS online.

First: Do not send SMS online whenever you can

The first precautions or tip I give you when you send SMS online is not to send SMS Once you can, it will mean that the frequency will increase and the value that these messages will provide for their recipients will decrease which will lead to an un-subscription from your SMS service, or to block you if you do not provide this option, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Do not send SMS online messages just to remind your customers that you are here, to assure your customer not to unsubscribe from your SMS service, you must provide him with a different value every time. He will quickly read what you send and remember the name of your company.

Second: Unsubscribe option

You may be surprised if I ask you to provide this option, so opting out means you can lose a customer, but; If you think about it from the customer's aspect of view, when he sees that you're offering an option to unsubscribe at the time you send invaluable messages, his impression of you will be much better. Because you have made him feel that he does not have to receive your messages, but he decided to do so.

You can type a small sentence such as "Send stop to unsubscribe from our SMS service" so the receiver knows that you respect his desire not to receive more messages from you, which may make him a potential customer in the future.

Third: Commit to the number of characters

The number of characters in SMS is 160 characters for English SMS and 70 for Arabic. If you exceed this number, your SMS service provider will send your message in two or more parts, this means that you will be annoying by sending more than one SMS at the same time, the text sent by a part may be important, and the service provider may refuse to send the message at all for more than 160 or 70 characters according to the language of the SMS.

The 160-character story dates back to 1985, when the chairman of the GSM group, Friedhelm Hillbrand, wrote a set of letters on the typewriter without focusing on the number of characters, but then decided to count the characters in each letter to find that all the required information was presented well in less 160 characters, so 160 characters has become the official number of SMS messages' characters.

Fourth: Commit with dates of dispatch

If you are sending newsletters via online SMS service provider, and not just messages of offers and services, try to meet the working hours of your country to ensure that they are read in the shortest possible time. So, the recipients of your newsletters will wait for its time weekly or daily according to your plan.

Do not send SMS messages later than the working hours with a number of hours because they are often rest times, which may delay reading your message to the next day, which may cause you to lose a special customer in the case of limited time offers.

Fifth: Writing language

Always stick to your messages in the language of writing that suits your audience. For example, you cannot be a B2B company using abbreviations such as (U) instead of (You). If your audience are young people, so do not be afraid to use some shortcuts to make them feel familiar with their language, but do not overuse this accent so that your value does not decrease.

Sixth: Do not send any unsubscribed messages

Many companies fall into this mistake, sending text messages to customers with content other than the one they signed up with, such as signing up for the football news service. and send SMS online asking them to take advantage of the clothing purchase offers. This will inevitably cause the loss of many customers.

By following these tips, you will be able to take advantage of all the text messaging services provided by the companies and ensure that the recipients will continue to receive messages from you for as long as possible, and even the possibility of converting them to potential customers, not just SMS receivers.

We will help you in SMSBox to apply all the practices and take all necessary precautions to ensure you stay longer in the memory of the recipient of your messages, request text messaging for companies NOW!

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