SMS gateway Kuwait is a service presented by SMSbox. Bulk sms gateway can be used in the field of medical and health care by medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers to communicate with patients. Medical service providers can use this service for establishing long-term relationships with their customers. It is an interactive channel of communication between the doctor and his/her patients.

People who are in charge of health care industry should deliver this service quickly to their patients. so they feel they are their number one priority. Health care and medical organizations have to keep in touch with the patient even after the patient’s recovery. The relationship between doctors and patients is extremely important to maintain trust and so increase loyalty.

Doctors and medical service providers can use sms in different ways, their work requires continuous follow up or visits at periodic intervals from their patients. So they can use this service to facilitate the connection with their patients. Also from the effects of using messaging solutions in medical field is reducing the patients’ waiting times, and making sure that they receive the required medical care in a more convenient way.

SMS gateway can be used in different ways. Its benifits in this particular field are many, some examples are as mentioned below:

Sending dates of bookings with all the details like the full address of the hospital or the clinic, the doctor’s name and his specialization, the room number, and the booking time.

Sending confirmation SMS, cancellations from the service providers or from the patient. Also reminders to the appointments before its due date as messages sent through mobile phones are mostly read by everyone.

Reminders of the revisions and medical consultations’ dates and times with all required rays and checkups if necessary before the appointment.

Dosage Reminder and prescriptions of the medications specially if it is a pre-long treatment program. It is more easy for both the doctors and the patients to use SMS.

Sending periodic health recommendations for patients, medical advices and any precautions the patients should take care of.

Notifications of new therapeutic discoveries and modern appliances.

Availability of new medications, who can use them and how they are used, the appropriate dosage, indications and side effects.

Announcing the arrival of doctors to hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers.

Informing the customers about their payments for the medical service, examinations, price lists and modification of any prices.

Locations of medical stores where customers can buy the products they need.

Awareness campaigns about spreading diseases and general health tips can be sent through SMS. It can be integrated with other marketing tools. This can attract new patients and increase the trust between the current customers and the medical institution.

Getting feedback from the patients so each institution can improve its service or products

Bulk SMS can be used within the medical organization itself between doctors and pharmacists to organize meetings and conferences.

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