In today's world every business needs marketing, and marketing is all about communication, business owners need to communicate with their employees as well as communicating with their customers. Technology provides us with different tools for communication, one of these important and most useful tools is messaging.

Messages have two main types, one is SMS which stands for short message service and the other is IM which is instant messaging, each of them has its own features, thus any marketer should know the difference between them to choose the best type that suits his needs.

The biggest main difference between BulkSMS marketing and IM marketing is the technology they use , BulkSMS uses mobile network and you probably need an SMS service provider while IM uses the internet and you should have a software. Since the internet is nearly free to use or costs less money than telephone lines so SMS is more expensive particularly if you are sending bulk SMS.

However, when you think of it as a value for money , SMS marketing provides a wide reach which is what you really want as a marketer. All it needs for a customer to read your message is a mobile phone which is nowadays something we all have , while for an instant message to reach your audience, they should have an internet connection on their mobiles besides the same software you used for sending the message, for example if you send a message to your customers through messenger only those who have messenger and access to the internet can receive your message.

This raises the issue of immediacy, you want your message to reach a large number of audience immediately then use SMS, all you have to do is contacting a Bulk SMS service provider and you don't have to wait for them to have an internet connection , SMS provides a –somehow- universal solution for reaching all people at any time.

Also, People tend to open and read a text message sent to them on their mobile phone rather than opening a message sent on any other software specially if it is from an unknown source to them, so an SMS is a more guaranteed way for reaching your customers than an IM.

Now all you need to do is choosing the right BulkSMS service provider and start your marketing campaign.

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