Bulk SMS Solutions in Kuwait

SMSBOX is authorized distributor for Zain, Ooredoo and Viva, with direct connection from the operators. SMSBOX provides Bulk SMS services since 2006, using the latest technologies to serve both corporates and individuals. Until this moment, our system has sent more than 500 Million SMS by +2000 clients using +1500 Sender IDs.

Bulk SMS for Enterprises

The business sector always looking for different ways to reach customers and suppliers, and keep in touch with them. Choosing which channel is the best to communicate with customer is one of the hardest decisions the business owner face.
SMSBOX uses the latest technologies, which help business owner to choose SMS service as one of the important channels, to inform customers about their new products and services and help the companies to achieve their goals.

SMSBOX Services for Business Sector

Advanced software and applications, have been developed to suit most business sectors, commercial, government, charitable organization and educational institutions.

Business Messaging Solutions

SMSBOX developed applications and messaging systems for all business sectors, according to business needs and requirements. We use modern techniques for the implementation to meet the needs of the business sector in the field of Bulk SMS services.

SMS Service for Individuals

SMSBOX using the latest technologies to provide customers with the best services, which help them to communicate with friends, family and colleagues in private and public events or for personal use as reminders.

Communication via SMS

Communicate easily with friends, family and colleagues in the private and public events in interactive way using SMSBOX.COM.

Notification & alerts

Remind your customers with important meetings, life events and activities using SMS.