Bulk SMS Web Interface


SMSBOX Web application allows you to send Bulk SMS directly from the web. The service was developed using the latest technologies, made it easy to do all the submissions and account management in a more interactive way.

SMSBOX Web Features

  • Offers you a free account. Register Now!
  • Accessible from all devices.
  • Ability to create sub accounts and recharge it from the main account.
  • Developed with latest technologies.
  • Ability to import your contacts from excel sheet or manually insert.
  • Supports prepay Cards, bank transfer or K-Net card.

New account Registration steps

After registration you can use both Website or API

Account Registration Steps

Accounr registration and activation pass through certain steps
  • 1
    First Step

    fill required fields and agree to the system’s terms and conditions.

  • 2
    Second Step

    Activation, to be completed in two steps:

Activate the account by e-mail.
confirm your registered phone number via SMS.

Free Trial Balance

After completing the activation process to your account, you will get a free credit in your account to test the system and the transmission process.

Contact Lists

The user can create and manage groups and contact lists. You can modify the content and the groups at any time, you can also sort your contacts into different groups: "work", "family", etc. Also, you can create sub-groups and communicate easily with your contacts.

Create groups and sub-groups in SMSBOX

An easy process with ability to control the groups you have created and ability to do the following:

  • Create and add many groups according to your account type.
  • Ability to modify, delete and export groups and subgroups.
  • Ability to copy and move the contact list from one group to another.
  • Ability to search in each group with all registered data.

Add Numbers into groups

You can add numbers manually to the chosen group with ability to add the country code .
You can also do the following:

  • Modify and delete contact lists.
  • Search in contact list.

Sort and refine information

  • Sort numbers into groups to prevent any numbers duplication within each group.
  • Filter wrong numbers according to the system standards, as it does not accept landline phone numbers.

Contacts Search

Advanced Search option in contacts list enables users to perform many processes in more accurate and easy way.

Sending Bulk SMS Process

Create New Message

Create new message enter the message body, insert numbers or groups and choose the sender ID name. with ability to modify any field in sending process.

Writing a Message

During writing the message, the system counter will count your messages letters and pages.

Schedule a Message

schedule your message to be sent in specific future time, with ability to cancel any other scheduled messages.

Sending types

  • Send to one contact or more
  • Send to groups or subgroups.
  • Submit numbers manually.

Instant Report before Sending

  • The number of message characters.
  • The number of message pages.
  • The number of contacts.

  • Time of sending and Sender Name.
  • Cost of sending.
  • Remaining balance after sending.

Sender ID

The sender ID could be name or number which recognize and gives identity to the message. GSM communications technology have clear conditions to accept any sender name. taking into consideration that many providers now do not allow sending messages with a sender name unless it’s registered in their database.

General conditions to register Sender ID

Mobile Phone Networks Providers ' GSM ' have determined main conditions to register sender ID. We have summarized these conditions as following:

  • Sender ID can contain only numbers, or only letters or both.
  • Sender ID characters does not exceed 11 characters and not less than 3 characters. and for the digits, they should not exceed 16 digits and not less than 3 digits.
  • Sender ID includes spaces between the letters and numbers, but does not include a space at the beginning or the end.
  • Sender ID does not accept special characters such as /,; @! ? ' ".
  • Sender ID does not start with a letter or sign zero or (+).