SMS Gateway - API

SMSBOX gateway provides application programming interface ( APIs) which allow developers and companies to integrate SMSBOX gateway with their own system according to each company needs , the system provides three kind of protocols that are highly confidential with easy contact and fast request and reply. Anyone who has account on SMSBOX can use the application programming interface APIs

Available Protocols

System offers a variety of protocols which used to transfer data between you and Smsbox Gateway - Documentation available for each protocol

HTTP Protocol:

HTTP Stand for “Hyper Transfer protocol “which is the main and most common protocol to transfer data on web , HTTP is supported by specifications than enable developers to use SMS services through this protocol with features that include sending and receiving messages accurately.

SOAP Protocol :

SOAP Stands for ‘ simple object access protocol ‘ it’s one of the protocols used in the process in transferring data by using XML files .

SMPP Protocol:

SMPP Stands for ‘ short message peer-to-peer protocol “ which is one of the protocols used in the process of transferring data with high speed. SMSBOX provide application programming interface through SMPP with high specifications for software developers who prefer to use this method to transfer data

Support XML :

XML Stands for “Extensible markup language” which is able to describe different types of data. XML file can contain data as in the database. It’s the main purpose to facilitate the sharing of data across different systems, practically systems connected via internet.