Accept Privacy Policy


Since SMSBOX system provides programs and applications that enable the user who has an account in the system to use bulk Short Message Service. the user acknowledges that he has read all the following conditions and terms and is fully aware of all the items. Definitions


This means all programs, applications and tools that enable the use of bulk short message service.


User is the one who registers and gets an account in the system and he uses the means and tools of sending SMS messages . The user may include persons and companies that authorized someone to represent them.


He is the one or persons who receive messages from all SMSBOX accounts.

Sender Name

Sender name the number or name by which we know the source of the message . It is registered by the site administration.

Registering and Owning SMSBOX Account

Method of registration and access to an account in the system and methods SMSBOX activation and user authentication are accessible and available according to the steps identified by the system SMSBOX system also has complete and absolute freedom in the approval / refusal to accept the membership of any Users at the discretion of management system

Pricing, discount and validity

Pricing policy and points deduction in SMSBOX system is subject to several criteria, including the sending to local numbers or international numbers determined by the cost price . The user should take that into account before sending and refer to the coverage and pricing page where the details of the deduction of points on each network, whether local or international are stated. The expiry of the account with the data and the balance of the user are also stated.

Do Not Disturb policy in SMSBOX System

Sending advertising, promotional and messages to recipients who did not agree to receive these messages, or are dissatisfied with them or have no relation to the sender . This is a violation of the privacy of others, as the sender has no clear consent from the person concerned. We in SMSBOX prevent and warn of sending undesired bulk short messages known as spam messages in compliance with the principle of "send to whom you know".

Lists of Contact Numbers and Database.

SMSBOX system administration will not provide any contact lists of numbers to users and does not allow users to exchange or distribute such lists among users. Each user has to provide his lists bearing in mind Do Not Disturb policy approved by the system.

Updates, Changes and Modifications

SMSBOX system retains the exclusive right to use, modification and development and add in terms of and terms of employment without any obligation to inform the user what is being done to change or add.
The SMSBOX develop and update the software and applications using the latest software technologies to benefit from the advantages of this technology and to improve the performance of these programs and applications adding new capabilities that benefit our customers. So, we will make updates , changes and amendments to the software systems ,designs, contents, methods and tools for sending without any commitment from administration to notify the user except that we will strive to notify the user with what is new in the system.
Providers of SMS services which are telecommunications networks may make changes to their messaging systems, therefore we are forced to make changes in part or all the system in order to fit with those changes. This will be done without any obligation of the administration to notify the user except that we will strive to notify the user with what is new in the system.

User Obligations:

The user acknowledges that his data of registration are accurate and correct and he is completely responsible for that. He is also committed to update the data in the case of fundamental change that occurs on them.
The user assumes responsibility for data entry of his own account and promises to maintain them and not to allow others to use his account. • The user undertakes not to resell the Service or use others for his personal account for any reason.
The user is prohibited to resell the Service or use others for his personal account for any reason.
The user has to report any damage to the system or personal account as the steal of password or so.
The user undertakes not to send to random numbers, or to people whom he has no direct relation with and is committed to send to the database of his clients ,acquaintances and relatives.

Prohibited Activities

User is prohibited from the following:
Send undesired bulk SMS to a large number as such messages are described as disturbing messages to recipients.
Pretend to be another individual or company and send messages in their names explicitly mentioned or understood within context.
Send bulk short messages to recipients who asked that their numbers to be removed and their wish not to receive messages.
Send messages containing a text contrary to the teachings of Islamic law, or words contrary to morality or against public order.
Send messages containing insults or make fun of heavenly religions or their symbols, regardless of what they are.
Send messages that attack others, or may abuse or offend modesty or affect the reputation of persons or threat them.
Send messages that contain texts that violate local laws and regulations.
Send messages that promise recipients to win prizes or gifts unless user has license from the competent authorities.
Send messages attacking the traditions and customs of society and violate privacy of individuals.
Send messages containing information registered intellectual property rights of others without prior permission.
Send messages containing information that may lead to negative effect on the performance of public or private businesses.
Promoting illegal activities , services and products that are prohibited under local and international law.
Create multiple user accounts in order to influence the performance of the system either manually or by automated means.
sell or assign or lease the account or to be exploited in any unauthorized manner resulting in any damage to the system or to others.
Sell lists of contacts' numbers or the users of the system or exchange or distribute them.

Privacy and Disclosure

SMSBOX undertakes not to disclose any of the user data, except in the case of request by the security authorities of the user's State that should be a documented formal request.

Disclaimer of Warranties

SMSBOX doesn't guarantee complete stability of services as there is a third party which is the communication networks which are the messaging service providers . So we are not responsible for damages or losses resulting from the interruption of service . The client has no right to seek compensation for interruption or stop the service.
Because the service is associated with a third party, we can not guarantee that messages will arrive at a specific time or reach the target recipient, but we do our part to follow up the proper performance of our applications to deliver the message to service providers.
SMSBOX system is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by the misuse of services and programs, and not the client's right to request any type of compensation within the limits of its responsibility for ensuring good performance of the programs and stability of the site and technical support provided by the means described.
Our website may contain links to other sites in this case SMSBOX not be responsible for these sites and may not be offered back to us on this site.

Purchasing and Payment Solutions

SMSBOX provides numerous ways of purchasing and payment methods, including: -
Payment by on-line credit cards.
purchase by cash or bank deposit
Payment by SMSBOX prepaid cards or vouchers.
Otherwise there are no other ways to buy and pay.


SMSBOX Trademark
It is a trademark registered and protected owned by InterTeleco Company which enjoys ownership rights.
It is not is not allowed to imitate or copy, or use.

SMSBOX Products

SMSBOX's applications: Navigator, Connector and Pocket, have property rights registered in favor of Interteleco. The applications Programming interface APIs prohibit any attempts to copy, modify or explore the components of the designs and symbols.


It includes the contents of Navigator, Connector and Pocket applications of text, images, logos, flash animation and audio and video recordings which are not subject to transfer or copying or distribution or exploitation by re-publication or amendment. or resale or deletion, or sub-license use.

Termination and Recovery Policy

SMSBOX system retains the exclusive right to modify , change , develop and add in the terms and conditions of use without any obligation to inform the user of what is being changed or added.
All terms and conditions are applicable and in the case of violation of the terms and conditions , this will lead to termination, suspension or disable of the user's account according to the site administration.
The account will be frozen in case of not using the account for more than a year.
Customer may terminate his account at any time and retrieve the value of the remaining points according to criteria for cost calculation . The client must bear the cost of transferring the sum or receiving it from the company's headquarters.
Fees for registering the sender's name can't be retrieved as the cost of registering the sender's name is of non-refundable.

Technical Support and Customer Service:

Customer service and technical support are available in numerous ways to meet the questions and requirements the system provides as: - First: customer service through technical support tickets. Second: The service and help customers through instant conversation system. Third: the telephone contact with customer service and technical support team.

Conflict and Governing Law

The governing law in case of conflicts is the law of Kuwait